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I’ve had some exciting post in my time, but I definitely did one of the loudest excited squeals ever when I opened the box Graze sent to me a few days ago.

You guys, it had a pretzel pool float in it! I’m so going to take it with me on my next beach holiday and take all the instagram photos.


Anyway, back to the point of this post.

As a Graze ambassador, I’m here to tell you that Graze has a super awesome summer campaign going on called Yummertime – celebrating the excitement and positivity of summer with new delicious, fresh snacks. The snacks are already available on the website, including Yummertime Punch (a fruit blend of goldenberries, coconut and pineapple), protein banana flapjack (which are really tasty), and rough blend peanut butter with apple slices – oh yeah. The new box design just screams summer too!


To spread even more summer positivity, Graze have started a #Yummertime competition with a variety of awesome prizes – polaroid cameras, beach towels, Bluetooth mini speakers, flipflops, and of course there are plenty of pretzel pool floats to be won! If that doesn’t excite you, I’ll eat my inflatable pretzel.

So, here’s how you can enter the competition:

  1. Post a selfie with the props received in promotional gift packs – including a swish pair of strawberry sunglasses – and share on either Instagram or Twitter using #Yummertime and tagging @grazedotcom
  2. Upload a picture of your ‘first signs of summer’ (your first sunglasses day, blue skies, your first summer cocktail…be creative!), and share on either Twitter or Instagram using #Yummertime and tagging @grazedotcom

Terms and conditions apply, which can be found here!

The gift box I received was filled with more than just the pretzel though – I got to try the new Yummertime snacks (FYI, their dried pineapple is bloomin’ delicious), recieved a few lenses for my phone (I’m going to take a lot of funky photos with the fish eye lens!), pineapple nail stickers, mini summer cocktail umbrellas (which would be great with this drink) and a selfie stick for getting that perfect summer photo with friends!


So a huge thank you to Graze for the cool gifts, and the Yummertime campaign is definitely something I can get on board with. Who’s as excited for summer as me? Give me a beach day asap please.

Think you’ll go in for the competition? I definitely think it’s worth it for a polaroid camera! Keep me posted.

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