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Taking Time Out for Yourself

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Sometimes the world flies by really fast, without you even realising.

And not even just a few hours – but also a few weeks, months, even sometimes a year.

The time since finishing uni has flown by, and there’s been so much going on that it honestly feels like forever since I had my little flat in Bournemouth, writing a thriller novel in bed and snacking on a ridiculous amount of malteaser bunnies.

When time flies by so fast, it’s easy to forget to just stop and take time for yourself. There’s the usual excuse of having no time to, or feeling that there’s no need, and so you go months without spending some time alone with your thoughts, really thinking about what you want.

But I’m starting to realise now that it’s necessary to take time out for yourself, and that we should really do this more often. Because this is your life, and you deserve to have a little bit of time off to not think about anything, or anyone else.

So I’m trying to take a moment in the morning or evening to just sit alone and well…chill out a bit. Mindfulness is a wonderful thing, and having that time to think can help you take on the world.

And sometimes that time is just staying that extra longer in bed. Slowly taking in the sun shining through the blinds and enjoying the comfort. But I also like to take a moment with a cup of green tea.

There’s something so calming about a cup of tea. The warmth between your hands, the steam wafting into your face as you take a sip. It’s a great excuse to just snuggle on a chair with your cuppa and just taking some time to breathe. Maybe even read a magazine or book. And for me, green tea is the best for a bit of me time – calming for the soul, but also calming for the body.

So when Stir Drinks asked if I wanted to try their new green tea for 14 days, I jumped at the chance – a new green tea to really get me into taking time out for myself and a cuppa.


Stir Drinks is a UK based drinks innovation company, set to give us natural drinks that are both convenient to add in to your daily routine, and get your body feeling better. And so now they have a great new range, Daily Cultures, to make that even more possible!

The Daily Cultures range is seriously great should you be wanting to be a little bit healthier or make your body feel better – as they combine a natural and heat resistant probiotic within their teas. I could definitely feel a difference whilst drinking them, and they’ve especially made my body feel a bit calmer whilst tackling a wisdom tooth removal…

The Daily Cultures green tea kindly sent to me didn’t have that overly earthy taste that some green teas do if you brew them too long, and it made my stomach feel calm and ready for the day. I had a little peppermint tea in my package to try and oh my, it smelt incredible. Like a big mug of warm mentos, and tasted like it too…so I think I’ll be buying a packet of peppermint as well as green tea next time, too.

You can currently buy the Daily Cultures range on the Stir Drinks website, but they’ll soon be sold in high street stores! There’s three different teas – green, peppermint and breakfast, and contain no hidden nasties.

And so now I have a natural, warming cup of tea to help me sit and think about myself – think about what I want to do next, what I need, what I want, what would make me happier.

What do you do when you need a bit of me time? Are you similar to me and like to take some time out with a cup of tea? Keep me posted!



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