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Sleepy Sunday – Adopting a Greyhound

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Well hello!

I hope you’re all well, and not too hungover or petrified from Halloween yesterday.

This week has been an OK one, to be honest I’m having one of those ‘what have I done this week?’ moments, so bear with me! But one thing I did want to talk about was last Sunday.

Last Sunday my parents hosted a little walk for the Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust – there’s walks 2-3 times a month so all of the rescued greyhounds can socialise together (greyhounds LOVE other greyhounds, seriously), but last weekend it was time for us to have a go at hosting.

It was a fun morning full of walking, photo taking, laughter, cocktail sausages and dog friendly cupcakes… I took a lot of photos, so I thought I’d put a few up here and tell you all about the work Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust do!


IMG_6511So the Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust are an independent charity that rehomes greyhounds who have retired from racing. Greyhounds are typically bred to race, and this charity (and others around the country) help to give these greyhounds a beautiful, happy life afterwards – something they all deserve after years of sport.


IMG_6664For example, our greyhound Legend (above, on the right) raced for 6 years, winning most of his races, until he broke his leg and had to have a bolt put in. He raced for a long time, and didn’t really understand what it was like to be a family dog…as I look over now, he’s in his bed with his legs akimbo – BRGT have given him a chance at a second life, and do so for so many other greyhounds.

All animals living in rescue centres deserve to be rescued and given a happy home, and I advocate anyone to rescue any animal, but today I wanted to chat about greyhounds in particular.

Greyhounds are docile, loving, elegant creatures, who love nothing more than a cuddle and a roach on the sofa. They don’t need much exercise either – they’re trained to run in short bursts rather than walk long distances, so two 20 minute walks will do – not a lot of people know this!

So if you’re considering getting a dog, definitely consider rescuing a greyhound. You really won’t regret it, they all have so much character. Or, if you’d like, there’s an option on the Brighton Retired Greyhound Trust website that allows you to donate – the charity runs on donations, so they need all the money they can get to continue their amazing work.


Anyway, the rest of my week was a quiet one – thanks to a horrible wisdom tooth removal that has pretty much knocked me out! But yesterday I started making crafty Christmas gifts because, yes, I am crazy, and today I’m heading off to see Diversity with mum – which will be a lot of fun!

What have you been up to this week? Keep me posted!

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