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Sleepy Sunday – The Photobooth

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Hello! I hope you guys are all good.

I’m thinking I should change ‘Sleepy Sunday’ to ‘what I ate this week’ because I’m pretty sure all I talk about is food! (just like in real life then…) But hey ho, here’s another week of food photos to whet your appetite.

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It’s been another quiet week really. Just working, baking Anna’s cookies (they’re delicious, by the way), and um…buying Christmas presents! I like to try and get big presents as soon as possible, and then as Christmas really gets underway I can just enjoy it and pick up little personal pieces as I see them! Anyone else as eager as I am?!

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I discovered that the healthy fast food powerhouse Leon has opened up a shop near my workplace – which meant I could finally try some of their food! It really is fast food – you’ll get it within 5 minutes tops – and yet it’s far less calories than McDonalds etc and really fresh ingredients.

I tried a couple of wraps over the week, as well as the sausage and egg muffin which was, honestly, incredibly tasty & made me very happy indeed.

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It was my best friend’s birthday on Friday, so that night we donned our heels, popped on a Taylor Swift album and went into Brighton to boogy. My legs are still aching from dancing until early in the morning, and I didn’t drink yet still felt like I had a stinking hangover when I woke up yesterday…how does that work?

Then yesterday the celebrations carried on as we went back into Brighton and had a long, gluttonous lunch at Food For Friends. Nestled in the Laines, Food For Friends is a really lovely vegetarian restaurant – the food is so innovative and different from anywhere I’ve been for.

So as we caught up and chatted away I tucked in to a rich, decadent goats cheese souffle – teamed with honey roasted aubergine, onion and artichoke – followed by a deliciously sweet sticky toffee pudding. The pear, strawberry and elderflower refresher was incredibly moreish too.

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Then we had a little wander around the shops before finding ourselves in the Urban Outfitters photo booth…


Today is a chilled one: a bit of Harry Potter in the morning, before heading to my friend’s house for films and a big roast. Oh yes.

This week I feel like I need to start getting productive again. This includes getting back into the gym, eating a little bit healthier, possibly doing a few outfit posts and well…I guess I should really finish off painting my walls (how riveting!)

Anyway, how has your week been? Keep me posted!

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