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Prague Photo Blog #2

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It’s been a while since I showed you my Prague photos – but as I’m currently sitting on the sofa watching a film, I thought I’d get Photo Blog #2 ready!

It’s safe to say I’m really missing Prague at the moment – no worries, just lots of walking, food, architecture and culture. I really want to see more of Europe, it’s always so beautiful and cultural.


When we first arrived, it was near the middle of the night, and our scheduled taxi man was the kind who loved to point out everything great about his home place (the best kind, right?). And so on the way to the hotel, he pointed to Petrin Park, and when we squinted into the night, it was as if we had seen zombies.

A few days later we decided to investigate these strange figures of the night, and found these sculptures. Turns out they’re a memorial dedicated to the victims of communism.




Going up Petrin Power – the first time Joe got to see me react to my fear of heights…aka me crying, panicking, telling him to not touch me (?!) and forcing him to go right to the top on his own.

Poor boy.





This gold part on Charles Bridge show where St. John of Nepomuk was thrown off the bridge in 1933 – now it’s seen as sacred, and when you touch it, your wishes come true.

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Hidden in a little back street by Charles Bridge, is a little ice bar. We spent 20 minutes in here (that’s all you need – is so bloody cold!) and we had a blast. Even the glass was a block of ice?!

IMG_4517 One of my favourite parts of Prague (as well as Old Town) was the Prague Castle – there’s quite a few different things you can see there – the grounds, St Vitus. Cathedral, St. George’s Bascilisca, and Golden Lane.

The Cathedral is so beautiful, inside and out, and the Golden Lane has so much history on where people lived near the castle, and the lives they led. St.George’s Bascilisca is beautiful too, and there’s even a little museum that has live concerts every lunchtime.






IMG_4574 This guy loved it!





And there you go – my Prague photos! I do have a couple more reviews/foodie Prague posts to show you – but for now I’ll end on my lime cheesecake and milk chocolate ice cream from Angelato (I still dream about it)

Have you been to Prague before? Or would you love to go? Keep me posted!

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