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Pizzaface, Brighton and Hove

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My name is Hazel, and I am a pizza addict.

Phew, I said it!

I mean, they’re tasty, cheap, easy to make, easy to eat, and come in a whole range of different flavours and textures – what’s not to love? Someone tell me.

This obsessions means that I’ve tried most pizza takeaways. But none like Pizzaface.

Come on over pizza lovers and get yourself a slice – there’s an awesome Brightonian takeaway to stack in your forever growing pile of pizza boxes!

Pizzaface in an independent pizza takeaway, with takeaway bars in Hove and Brighton. They’re been around for a little while, but it’s only recently that I found out about them…on Buzzfeed, of all places.

Anyway, turns out Joe had seen the same Buzzfeed post on the same day, and we both knew we had to try it out.

Pizzaface has a plethora of different toppings and unique, exotic flavours, meaning that you won’t have a regular pizza here. Think goats cheese, wild boar, mascarpone and blue cheese.

And if you’re vegan or going gluten free, Pizzaface can help you there. They even do a spelt/wholemeal base if you’re just fancying a healthier dough!


Joe and I decided to go for the Jakub – chorizo, pork and wild boar salami, caramelised onion, mascarpone and dried chilli.

The dough is a great nudge at Italian cuisine – thin, quite doughy but not too stodgy, making way for more toppings.

The usual mozzarella is only scattered slightly, instead opting for a pizza that is covered in a slighty sweet tomato sauce, and the creamy taste of mascarpone cheese dolloped in oozing puddles. Not usually a cheese you’d think of putting on a pizza, the mascarpone was actually an awesome and very welcome change.

The meats were spicy, with an added kick of the chilli, whilst the garlic bread was very doughy, nicely chewy, and tasted fresh.

Pizzaface don’t just do pizza though, oh no.

They’ve also partnered with Boho Gelato, a local gelato company who create homemade pots of heaven (not an exaggeration)


We got the Belgian chocolate flavour, which was incredibly rich, velvety and creamy. I could have eaten a pot all by myself…

If you’re in Brighton, have you tried Pizzaface before? What do you think of wild boar salami?! Keep me posted!


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