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party ring bag

party ring bag

Some people are drawn to shoes, some people are drawn to jackets…

I seem to be drawn to anything kooky or with a slogan.

Which is why when I came across this party ring bag from Asos, it went straight in my basket and was in my hands within a few days.

And which is also why I immediately ran to the till as soon as I saw this t shirt.

slogan tee

We all have fashion items that make us feel comfortable and good about ourselves – the clothes we chuck on when we don’t know what to wear but we know said item will still make us feel good and confident.

Mine? I’d say a good tee or shirt, skinny jeans and quite recently…my trusty fedora.

So when I had the conundrum of not knowing what to wear to Bloggers Festival (and buying many things that didn’t fit or ‘just didn’t look right’), I headed straight for this tee and and paired it with my party ring bag for that extra pazzazz (yep, I just said pazzazz)

Maybe not the most adventurous, or the most stylish, but I felt good all day – and that’s what matters!

IMG_5867Party ring bag – Asos; Slogan tee – Pull & Bear; Jacket – Zara; Fedora – F&F; Brogues – Schuh; Rings – Vintage; Watch – Olivia Burton

Whilst at Bloggers Festival I came across Glimmer Tattoos – beautiful metallic, watercolour and even glitter temp tattoos to get you ready for any festival or party. When I got home I immediately tried one of my metallic tattoos out (I got watercolour too), and I haven’t stopped looking at it since.

I mean, I know people usually just put them on for festivals etc., but it’s totally OK for me to wear them on a daily basis right?

metallic tattoo

I really think they complete an outfit, kind of like a new kind of jewellery to pull it all together. Would it be too jazzy to create a sleeve of metallic tattoos?!


So what’s your key item of clothing that makes you feel good? Isn’t that party ring bag totally edible?! Keep me posted!

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