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A few weeks ago, Joe and I headed into London for the day.

Only an hour or so away from Brighton, days like this one made me wonder why we don’t do it more often. Always something new to do, or something so great that we do it time and time again (e.g. Muriel’s Kitchen), London is always the perfect place for a day date.

This time we headed to ‘Sensational Butterflies’ – something we’ve been meaning to do for about 2 years now, but never got to London in time for (hence why I’m thinking we should head there more often).

Humid, filled with huge plants and beautiful flowers, this was the home of hundreds of butterflies, right next to the Natural History Museum in Kensington.

We were quite cynical in thinking there’d be 20 at most, but instead they’ve really made this worth its while. So many bright, gorgeous butterflies flutter around you, hiding in the tropical trees or chasing each other straight over your head.

They even have a home for the caterpillars and cacoons, always creating new life to let loose in the tropical oasis they’ve created in the middle of a huge city.



One little guy wouldn’t leave us alone, he spent a good few minutes fluttering by, trying to sit on my camera.



The whole tent was filled with bright blue butterflies, flashes of amber, brown hues, strange eye-like patterns and feelers that gave you an inquisitive look at you tried to get close.



For a good few minutes we wondered whether this guy was real – and he is! Turns out it’s actually an Atlas Moth – a moth pretty much the size of my head that are usually found in South East Asia.

One of the guys working in the gardens told us that they only live for 5 days (?!) – they’re hardly able to fly as it takes too much energy, they have no stomach or digestive system and therefore starve, and they pretty much mate for 5 days and then drop.

A fascinating, but kind of sad life, don’t you think?




This one clearly didn’t want us to leave, he clung on to Joe’s shoulder for a while.

But sadly we had to go and get burgers! 😉


So if you want a bit of nature whilst you’re in the hustle and bustle of the big city, ‘Sensational Butterflies’ is open for 10 more days.

But if you can’t get there in time – there’s a big clip of the beautiful butterflies in my latest vlog!

Is Sensational Butterflies somewhere you’d like to visit? Keep me posted!

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