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Healthy Snacks – Vegetable Crisps

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I find it pretty easy to eat healthily at meal times, but when it comes to snacking it’s a whole lot harder.

I’m not sure what it is – but I personally struggle to think of great snacks to take to work that will both be healthy, but also keep my hunger pangs at bay so that I don’t make ‘bad’ choices later on. If anyone else finds this hard too, please let me know!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of a few ways to create my own healthy snacks as I’m trying to be as clean with my diet as I can. Anything to get me away from the salty ‘health’ popcorn that I’ve become a bit obsessed with.

I find that whenever you’re trying to find healthy food you need to think about the ‘bad’ foods that you crave, and then create a healthy alternative of that.

My love of popcorn at the moment means that I’m craving savoury, salty foods – and I need to find a healthy savoury snack that isn’t carrots and humous, as I fear that I will actually turn into a bowl of that chickpea goodness if I eat even more of it.

And so came the idea of vegetable crisps. Crispy, slightly salty, deliciously savoury treats that will feel naughty, but will actually be really good for me.

I decided to go easy this time and go for sweet potato and kale crisps – though I reckon this would work well with beetroot and parsnips too.


For these crispy bites of goodness you will need:

As much sweet potato as you can handle
As much kale as you can handle
Salt and pepper (rock salt is best – you’ll need less of it that way)
Four tablespoons of coconut oil – if you’re not used to the taste of this, opt for a drizzle of sunflower oil
Oven at gas mark 5

I was going to recommend using a mandoline cutter for this, but since I’m currently sporting a massive bandage on my thumb and having a sulk, I’m not going to. (seriously though – they are great as long as you’re incredibly careful…)

For the kale, all you need to do is tear it into little pieces and get rid of any stalks.

As for the sweet potato, cut them as thin as you can (and as carefully as you can)

Then pop them on a tray, drizzle with melted coconut oil, and coat in salt and pepper. Then all it needs is around twenty minutes for the kale, and around 40 minutes for the sweet potato, if not longer. Don’t forget to keep turning them regularly so that they go crispy on both sides

Now they won’t be as crisp as their unhealthy counterparts – especially the sweet potato (if you want insanely crispy vegetables I recommend a dehydrator – something I’ll be sure to purchase ASAP).
But they still have that well-loved crunchy bite, that kick of spicy pepper, and a wash of salt on your tongue. The kale is slightly bitter, slightly sweet, but crispy and incredibly good for you. The sweet potato is sweet, of course, but the salt makes it even sweeter – able to satisfy both savoury and sweet lovers.

They keep for a day or two in a tight container…if they last that long. Move over popcorn – I’ve got a new obsession.

p.s. always look after your thumbs.


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