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Caramel Apple Tart

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I think I’ve made it known over the last few weeks that I love autumn. So of course, I have another autumn themed blog post for you!

It’s only a few days till November now, and November makes me think of something in particular…fireworks night.

An evening of wooly hats and cosy mittens, writing your name with sparklers, watching sparks of colour burst into the sky, and sipping on frothy hot chocolates whilst nibbling on sticky caramel apples.

So I decided that I wanted to create a bake that embossed that November feeling, something that bought me back to those days of biting my way through golden caramel and into a sweet, fresh kick of apple, whilst burying myself in a ton of layers…and I also had a new loose bottomed tart tin to play with.

And that’s where the caramel apple tart idea formed.

This is a pretty sickly bake, I won’t lie – but in the best possible way. It’s comforting, autumnal and a real treat.

For the pastry you will need:

250g plain flour
50g icing sugar
125g unsalted butter, chilled and cubed
1 egg
Splash of milk

For the caramel filling you will need:

Tin of consensed milk (397g)
100g butter
120g dark brown sugar

For the apples:

1 large cooking apple
Around 5 tbsp dark brown sugar

So for my pastry I used this sweet pastry recipe – it’s super easy (I’m not usually a pastry baker!), and deliciously sweet and buttery. I would blind bake for a little bit longer, only a couple of minutes – just because during the second bake I ended up having a pastry puff!

Though if this happens to you too, you can do the same as me and squash it down with a spatula…it happens.

Next, the filling, which is just as easy.

Pop the butter and sugar into a pan and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves – you’ll be left with a deep brown goo. Then tip in the condensed milk and keep stirring on a high heat until it starts to boil/it’s a nice thick mixture (this will take around 5 mins, if not a little longer) – don’t leave the mixture for even a second, as it will burn the pan before you blink!

Pour the sticky mixture into the pastry, and chill completely before popping it in the fridge and leaving to set.

Meanwhile, stick on your grill and cut up your apples – you want fairly thin slices, but don’t go too thin otherwise they will turn to goo. Pop the slices under the grill with a light spread of dark brown sugar on each piece, and watch until the sugar has boiled and the apples have browned slightly.

Then get your apple out of the grill and leave to cool, before popping them on to the chilled tart in any creative way you want!

And there you have it – incredibly sweet, but so comforting and moreish. It really makes your want to turn down the lights, light some candles, and cosy up with your tart and a film.

So what do you think? Are you a fan of caramel apples? Keep me posted!

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