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Put business men in a room together, and they’ll probably talk about business.

Put bloggers in a room together, and they’ll probably talk about everything. Fashion, beauty, biscuits in the shape of dresses, travel, photography…the worlds our oyster when we’re all put together.

On Saturday I went to my first ever bloggers event; Bloggers Festival. An amazing, classy venue 31 story’s high, with beautiful bloggers swarming around stalls from coveted brands. A few hours of chatting about anything and everything, swapping business cards whilst giggling over the amount of goody bags on our arms. It was an amazing afternoon, one that put a massive smile on my face whilst I tried to totter back to London Victoria in heels (something that I’m not so good at).

Scarlett (scarlettlondon.com) was the first blogger to follow me/tweet me on Twitter, and I’ll never forget that. She’s an awesome person, an amazing blogger, and judging by the success of Bloggers Festival, an incredible events organiser. She really should be so proud, because I feel like there’s nothing negative that anyone could say.


Now, slap me on the wrist because I’ve been a bad blogger. I didn’t actually manage to take many photos of the festival…

Please forgive me, I was too caught up in the moment really. I was excited to be a part of such a big event, and far too busy enjoying it all to remember to take photos!


clothes rail

nail wraps

Scarlett picked companies that she knows and loves to represent the event, and to me she did such a good job.

Urban outfitters, one of my favourite fashion companies, were there. As soon as I found out there would be an Urban Outfitters stall I got very excited, and hot footed my way there as soon as I could. They had a competition to win a pair of headphones…and I won! Which again, got me all excited.

Bee Good was also a firm favourite of mine. They create their products from bees wax, and everything is organic and ethically created. I spent a good few minutes conversing with Simon about their products, and knew that I wanted to buy pretty much every product as soon as I got home. (plus their biscuits were delicious…)

I fell in love with Very’s Autumn/Winter range that was on show. Tanya Burr has created a fashion collection for them, which is exciting as it is, but I saw a coral lacy number that WILL be mine this Winter.

Search Labs were also great, offering a book that will help all us bloggers with SEO. I’m actually a bit of a nerd and love learning about SEO, marketing, social media etc., so it was great to get to know this brand.

There were so many other great companies too – from dress shaped cookies from Quiz, to lovely clothes from Want Her Dress, makeovers by Gary Cockerill and beautiful nail wraps from IZ – it was a really good networking day.

Gary Cockerill

bloggers festival

As soon as I got home I cooked a pizza, put up my feet, drank my free wine whilst watching Wild Child (don’t laugh), and tweeted about how happy I was that I decided to become a blogger.

Thank you so much to Scarlett for inviting me, her event opened up my eyes to how friendly and exciting the blogging world can be.

Also a big thank you to Mariah (starlasays.co.uk) and Lea, who walked around with me and gave me plenty of giggles, it was lovely to meet you! It was also so nice to finally meet Scarlett and Jessie-Ann, and to talk to tons of new people too! Hello, and thank you for making me smile.

I really am excited to go to more of these events…bring it on!


Did you go to Bloggers Festival? What did you think of Scarlett’s awesome event organising? Keep me posted!

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