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Bloggers Festival – Take Two!

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This time last year I headed to Bloggers Festival – an event set up by the beautiful Scarlett London – and had an incredible time.

So, when an invite to this year’s fell into my emails, I RSVP’s as soon as I possibly could.

And then I learnt that so many of my blogging friends (some I’ve met before, some I’ve been talking to every day all year) were coming along – and the whole thing got even more exciting.

bloggers festival

So last Saturday I found myself travelling up to London, on my way to meeting the girls for food before heading to the event. We laughed, a lot of banter was thrown about, we almost lost each other on the tube – but eventually we arrived at the gorgeous Conrad London St. James – with it’s luxurious decor and beautiful spiral staircase, and got stuck in to the event.

Yet again Scarlett created a stellar event, filled with amazing brands and a room chock full of bloggers – a sea of faces that we tried to put to twitter handles.

I read through my last Bloggers Festival post, and I apologised for not taking enough photos…and yet again I have to do the same! I was far too excited to see so many people and also created a little vlog of the day, which is going up soon. But I took photos of some of my favourite brands of the day:

bloggers festival

Recently I’ve really got into jewellery, especially quirky, kooky accessories that will really add to an outfit.

So when I first entered the venue and saw JewelleryBox.co.uk’s little woodland wonderland corner – full of unique, dainty jewellery – I got excited and immediately gravitated towards it (it made me ignore the pic n mix, might I add…)

bloggers festival

Their stock is so dainty, made with sterling silver to avoid green fingers, and with cute little designs like arrows, dinosaurs and infinity signs.

They have a pop-up at PopBrixton from 7-20 September, so definitely go and check out their cute designs! I have a pair of the dinosaur earrings and couldn’t be happier with them.

bloggers festival Lou and I took advantage of their cool photo bridge too.

bloggers festival

Minimum Fashion:

A Danish fashion line, Minimum Fashion was definitely one of my favourites thanks to their many arrays of hats and cool, minimalistic clothes.

bloggers festival

How lovely is that leather jumper?! I immediately fell in love with a dark green faux fur jacket that made me feel like a cosy teddy bear – it might be something I have invest in soon.

bloggers festival

Again, Lou and I took full reign of the clothes rail and played dress up.


Encona and Grace Foods:

Of course, I made my way to the food stall – this is me we’re talking about!

I’ve been loving Encona’s sweet chilli sauce for years, but for some reason have never ventured elsewhere – but these sauces were delicious. I tried all of these with their plaintain chips and I’m struggling to decide which one was my favourite, I’m going to say the amarillo or smokey jalapeno.

I received the smokey jalapeno in my gift bag, as well as a jar of harissa – so I’ll try to create a recipe with both of them!

The Grace Aloe Vera drinks were quite strange – and not even something I knew existed! The strawberry I receieved tasted like jelly, and the consistency is a bit thicker than other drinks – with bits of aloe vera. I really enjoyed it, and it was cool to try something completely new.


G – The Body Art Professional:

I’m a big fan of the metallic gold tattoo trend, so I definitely got excited by this stand.

Glimmer Tattoos really rock the boat out with this trend, with not only metallic tattoos but also watercolour and glitter tattoos too. The watercolours in particular are stunning, and add a unique change.

To create the glitter tattoos, you simply have to use the glue and a stencil, before dabbing colourful glitter onto the glue and letting it dry. As for the others – they’re temporary tattoos that remind of the days where I used to stick Spiderman tattoos all over my arms.

I was very thankful to get some metallic and watercolour tattoos – I’m super excited to use them as I think they look so beautiful and unique.

One of the tattoos will be featured in a blog post later this week, so stay tuned!

bloggers festival

And of course…food.

Because, again, this is me we’re talking about.

bloggers festival

bloggers festival

I also loved (but didn’t manage to get photos of) Yoogaia – an interactive yoga site so you can learn yoga with a teacher in your own living room; Bee Good – a firm favourite skincare range of mine, and Lego?!

A huge thank you to Scarlett for organising this amazing event, she always does so well and her blog is awesome – so go check that out!

Also a big shout out to Mariah, Lea, Rhianna, Laura, Lou, Emma, Sophie, Becka, Kayliegh, Chloe,Tasha and Sarah (and everyone else I got to meet!) for hanging out and making my day so great. I went home feeling very happy indeed.

Especially when I saw my train buddy on the way home…


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