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Asda Knitwear #2

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Go and check out Asda Knitwear #1 if you missed it!

As you know from last week’s Asda Knitwear post, George at Asda very kindly let me choose a few knits to try. Last week saw two outfits whilst wandering through Wilderness Woods, and the next two are in front of my newly decorated Christmas tree!

(p.s.  spot the smiling, sleepy greyhound…)

Why am I collaborating with George at Asda I hear you ask? Because I am now part of their Knitwear Care Club! As you’ll know if you follow me on Twitter, I’m a bit fan of Christmas jumpers, and I thought joining the club would be a great way to keep my collection (and the gorgeous knits I’ve picked from George at Asda) nice and fresh throughout the warmer months.

So keep your eyes out on my social media (& hopefully next Sleepy Sunday) to see the knitwear care package – I’ll be receiving it soon, and will be giving you a few tips to take care of your knitwear! The pack includes moth proof balls, a bobble fluff remover and lint rollers – great ways to keep my knitwear nice and fresh.

Anyway, back to my choice of knitwear!

The Grey Rollneck

asda knitwear


You can’t really beat a rollneck can you? Especially as it means you look like a character from Love Actually. (Just not Mia, most hated character in the world of film IMHO)

I usually wear thin rollnecks with my trusty pinafore, but when I tried this one on it had such a lovely, slouchy fit that it really looked just as good on its own with a slick of bright red lipstick and cosy ankle boots. Such a comfy knit, yet it still manages to look all dressed up with the right accessories.

I love light grey clothing too, especially as it fits in well with our silver themed Christmas tree…what are the odds?

The Knitted Dress

asda knitwear

asda knitwear

After seeing Rhianna’s George at Asda post & seeing how gorgeous she looked, I couldn’t help but gravitate towards their knitted dresses.

I picked this one because the v-neck was a little different to my norm, and whilst I do wish the neck line went a tiny bit lower down, I really like this dress. It’s comfy and skims past post-mince-pie-bloat – which is a winner for this time of year – but I also really like that you can either layer it with thick tights and a big scarf during the day, or accessorize with some swanky gold jewellery and, you guessed it, a slick of red lipstick in the evening.

It does have a kind of scuba fit so to say, as the bottom hem tucks in to accentuate your curves – which was a welcome surprise when I tried it on, so I’d say this is a great little black dress that will keep you cosy in the cold.

And there you have it, the last of my new Asda knits! As you can tell, I’ve been quite the fan of my new wardrobe attire, and I’ll definitely choose to look at George at Asda again when I’m looking for some new attire. If you’re looking to update your wardrobe during Christmas time, definitely head over and have a look.

asda knitwear



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