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Elderberry Fizz Mocktail

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I’m not afraid to admit that I get ridiculously excited when my LakeLand magazine comes through the door.

As soon as I see it on our floor, I immediately settle myself into a chair and gasp and ‘ooo’ my way through the whole thing, excitedly folding over page corners and wishing I could buy a Kitchen Aid (maybe one day…), as well as other things I probably don’t need, but suddenly desperately desire.

One of those things that really caught my eye, was a Kilner drinks dispenser. ‘How cool would that be at BBQ’s?’ I thought. ‘How awesome would that look in blog photos too?’ Because, apparently, that’s a good enough excuse to covet something nowadays.

But after flicking my way through the pages, and cooing about little products, I simply popped the magazine back on my shelf, got on with my day, and forgot about the drinks dispenser.

Until Christmas day, when I gasped and squealed as I opened a huge box to reveal a surprise gift!


I’m very excited about this dispenser, and it’s now not only the perfect excuse to have lots of BBQ’s and gatherings in the summer, but it’s also become a great way to bring something new to my blog – drink recipes! The first I have for you is a really refreshing mocktail recipe – it would be amazing as a summery beverage at garden gatherings, but it was great as a little sweet treat when my godparents came to visit at the weekend.

I got the recipe inspiration from Jamie Oliver’s website, but I thought I’d tell you how to both make a glass of the sweet stuff, and also how to fill up a drinks disposer full of the bubbly beverage too!

It’s what I like to call an elderberry fizz mocktail, but Jamie simply calls it ‘Elderflower Lemonade’. Call it what you wish – it’s a very refreshing, slightly floral flavour of lemon and elderflower, plus the sweet tang of frozen berries mixing itself into the drink.

So, for a glass you will need:

Juice of 1 lemon
Tbsp caster sugar
Around 15ml elderflower cordial
Sparkling water to top off
A couple of ice cubes (these ones are great for a bit of extra colour, though you could always buy moulds and make all kinds of shapes! Flowers, hearts, the Millennium Falcon…)
A handful of frozen berries (I find a whole mix is the best – I had raspberries, blackberries, cranberries and blueberries!)
Slice of lemon

Get yourself a glass and mix the lemon juice, sugar and cordial altogether before topping up with sparkling water 3/4 of the way. Then, pop in your ice cubes and berries and wait a few moments for the fruit to defrost slightly before stirring altogether and seeing the clear water turn pink! The lemon slice is optional, but makes the glass look even more fun. It’s as simple as that!


The next measurements depend on how big your dispenser is. Mine is 8 litres which, actually, is a lot more drink than you’d think! We only filled it up half way and it managed to get us through 20-25 small glasses.

So, I’m going to write down these measurements as if you’re filling a 4l dispenser – so double or half as you’d like.

You will need:

7-10 lemons, juiced
7-10 tbsp caster sugar (do the equivalent of your lemons)
500ml elderflower cordial
2.5 – 3l sparkling water (pour in 2 1/2 and taste to check that you can still taste the lemon and elderflower – add more water if it’s too strong)
More ice cubes (chuck in an R2D2 ice cube too)
Around 4-5 handfuls of frozen berries, of course you can add more if needed.

It’s the same as the glass of mocktail really – pop in your lemon juice, elderflower and caster sugar and try to stir with a wooden spoon, before slowly adding the sparkling water (too fast and it’ll just bubble up!), and then drop in your ice cubes and frozen berries – as well as a few lemon slices if you desire. Stir once, and then stir again a couple of minutes later once the berries have defrosted slightly and watch it turn a bright shade of pink.

The pinkness of the drink will look really pretty in your glasses/dispenser, and as the berries defrost they slowly fall to the bottom, which looks just as pretty too!

What do you think? Think you’ll give this a go? I’m a sucker for mocktails and cocktails alike, so get ready for lots of drink recipes coming your way!

p.s. I’ve recently joined Jemma’s Girl Gang! Go check it out!




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