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A Trip to the Seychelles

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So, a little over a month ago I was lucky enough to go on a work trip to the Seychelles.

It was a really incredible experience – I’d never been anywhere like it before, and experiencing a FAM trip was pretty darn awesome too. It was a week of island hopping – Mahe, Denis Island, Praslin, La Digue, Enchanted Island, Silhouette and St Anne – visiting hotels, enjoying hosted dinners, and just taking in the amazing views and the islands’ laidback lifestyle.

Sigh, someone take me back. It’s rainy and cold here and I fancy a lemongrass ice tea.

I really want to talk about my experience on here, but as I was there for work I feel I should keep my proper articles/write-ups strictly on my work’s websites. So, if ya fancy having a deep insight into what the Seychelles were like, and the hotels we visited, go check out these articles I’ve written:

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However, I am going to have a wee little chat on here, like I would with a friend! Because we’re all friends here right? So grab a cuppa and get comfy.

Also quick disclaimer – the photos in this post are the only ones I have, as when my phone broke I lost all of the others…grab the violins please.

Basically, the Seychelles were incredible. We were hopping around the inner islands, which are mostly granite islands – meaning that the landscapes are completely covered in jungle-like greenery, with impressive tropical plants, huge mountains, and white-sand beaches adorned with huge granite boulders. I honestly did think the photos of the Indian Ocean were Photoshopped…but nope, it really is the most beautiful turquoise blue you’ll ever see. Even when travelling in a small plane between the islands you could see the coral reefs in the crystal clue water. You know…apart from the time we were on a tiny 16 seater plane during a tropical storm. It was quite scary at the time – but a cool story to tell! I have no idea how the pilots could see where they were going?!

denis island

For someone who’s only been to 3* hotels, it was so cool to visit 4* and 5* hotels and see just how beautiful they are. Denis Island had to be my favourite – it’s luxurious but in a laidback way. They recommend you wander around barefoot, all of the villas lead out on to the beach, and you’re also the only ones on the island apart from the staff village on the other end. There’s no wifi or TV in the room either, only in the hotel’s library – so you could really escape from the daily grind. I’d recommend it to anyone! It was so surreal being on a small island and seeing nothing but the ocean ahead. Also, most of the hotels in the Seychelles have outdoor bathrooms and it is just an incredible feeling showering outside…is that weird? I kinda really loved it and wish the UK was warmer so I could have my own outdoor shower…

As for the islands, they all have their own character and personality. La Digue was brilliant – there are only 25 motorised vehicles on the whole island, so everyone gets around on bikes or by ox cart. The Creole village there was lovely too, as well as the local restaurants. I’d recommend seeing as many islands as possible though – they all offer something different, and they are all pretty much unspoilt – no tourism in sight. Many of them only have one hotel too – which just feels really secluded and special, and the snorkelling and hiking is so good.

In the Seychelles the majority of the dishes are fish/seafood based. I don’t usually eat fish, but decided to just go ahead and try all the dishes anyway…and oh my, the fish is good. Even if you don’t really like fish, have a taste if you’re heading the Indian Ocean way! Red snapper was delicious, it’s kinda like salmon or swordfish, and I had one of the best meals ever at Enchanted Island – fresh red snapper sitting on a bed of creamy mushroom risotto. Yep, I still day dream about that lunch.

denis island - trip to the seychelles

The animals were so cool too. Now if someone asks me what my favourite bird is (because that regularly comes up in conversations…), it will have to be the Fairy Tern. Give them a google – they are beautiful. They can be found on a few of the islands and I fell in love with their cute little faces. The Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher is amazing too, it has such a long tail of feathers and ugh, so pretty. Many of the hotels in the Seychelles have giant tortoise pens too, and it’s hard not to fall in love with them. They really are huge, and cheeky too – if you have food, they suddenly have the ability to walk pretty darn fast for their size. Esmeralda is the most well-known tortoise in the Seychelles, but we met the ever so charming Toby on Denis Island, who is 118 years old?! To quote Phoebe Buffay – oh the things he must have seen! The plants there were awesome too – the coco de mer nut found on Praslin and Curieuse are brilliant, they’re erotically shaped and can weigh up to 30kg.

It was a wonderful, surreal experience going to the Seychelles – I’ve never seen sand so powdery white, waters so turquoise blue, and such amazing tropical flora and fauna. And let’s not forget the hotels – from villas nestled in the hills, to suites with luxurious infinity pools, they were unlike anywhere I’d visited before. If you fancy reading a more professional article on the Seychelles and the hotels there, go check out my articles above! And have a cheeky look on my work’s website while you’re at it *hint hint*

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