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A Little Winter Wishlist

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Winter Wishlist

  1. Lit Noel Letters
  2. Faux Fur Coat
  3. Doc Martens
  4. Fair Isle Christmas Jumper
  5. Big Knit Beanie
  6. Elf Tee
  7. Chocolate Milk Bag
  8. Fur Lined Parka

I’ve been procrastinating…

And what’s one of the best ways to procrastinate? By online window shopping, of course.

Which is why, instead of a foodie post, or a lifestyle one…I’ve got a little wishlist for you!

Here’s a few things that caught my eye whilst I was procrastinating (and buying Christmas presents!) – it’s definitely window shopping for now, but once I’ve got my Christmas present list ticked off it’ll totally be okay for me to buy that chocolate carton bag right?!

The Doc Marten boots I’ll actually be receiving on Christmas day (thanks Joe!) and I’m so excited – the fleece goes completely inside, so my toes will always be warm, and hopefully they’ll get rid of my ‘one year of wearing boots before they break’ curse – win win.

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a little obsession with chocolate milk, so the bag is perfect, whilst the beanie hat is part of Oliver Bonas’ Big Knit range in assocation with Innocent Smoothies – how cute?!

You can never go wrong with a slogan/graphic tee (unless it’s a naughty slogan…), and this Elf one is adorable. The glittery material on the arms adds a bit of Christmas sparkle, so if you’re not a very dressy person, you could always rock the glitsy Christmas tee with skinny jeans and a pair of heeled boots.

I absolutely love Christmas jumpers, and the fairlisle one is gorgeous – a bit more understated compared to some of my other, more garish jumpers. I have quite a big collection already…but you can never have too many jumpers, in my opinion.

Also, who can keep away from all the cute Christmas home decor that’s coming out in the shops this year? The Noel light from Next is great for a shabby chic grotto vibe, and really fits in with the trend of large lit letters.

I’m in the need of a new parka, and the added fur inside this Next parka will add a little bit more warmth, and more of a wintery style. I can’t help but love the faux fur coat trend this year either, but I’m struggling to find the perfect one for me. The mauve one is gorgeous, but with my track record it just wouldn’t be clean for very long…so maybe not. I did see someone wearing a gorgeous burgundy number at the cinema yesterday so that might just be the deal breaker.

Now that this post is up, I’m off to procrastinate and buy some more Christmas presents – I’m almost done! Just look away and act non-chalent if you see the chocolate milk bag on my instagram…

What’s on your Christmas list this year? Keep me posted!

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