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A Letter To You

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Dear you,

If you’ve found this letter/blog post, then you needed to find it. Life has a habit of doing that. Bringing you a quote, or a life change that makes you feel better, makes you ready to take on the world. It brings something that inspires you to change how you’re feeling right now.

I read a little article about the beauty of letters, the beauty of inspirational words and quotes to make someone’s day brighter. And I wanted to join in. Because we all deserve a bit of a lift every now and then. Actually, scrap that, we deserve a lift every single day. Because we’re important. Everyone is important, even if you don’t feel so right now.

But today I want to talk to you about comparison, about building yourself and your confidence without falling on other peoples successes to measure your own.

I think everyone falls into the trap of the grass being greener on the other side. We’re working hard, we’re finding things difficult, and then we look across the bridge and there’s someone with huge success. Someone who has the things we want, and seems to be having the time of their life.

And I agree, it’s hard when that happens. It’s hard to see past their success and see your own, and it’s easy to think that you’re less than them because you’re not where you want to be quite yet. It’s easy to look at someone else’s blog, for instance, and see their huge following and their new blog design and suddenly feel bad about your own.

But the thing is, these successful people you see? Odds are they’ve felt the same way as you before. Odds are they’ve been in the same situation, and they’ve had to work hard to get themselves up.

They realised that the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

The grass is greener where you water it.

And I want you to remember that quote, and treasure it. Keep working hard, keep working on yourself and the thing you want to be successful in, and you will get there. You can give yourself the life you dream of if you work hard and water the parts in your life you want to change and make better.

Comparison is the thief of joy. So never compare yourself, especially as everyone is different, and everyone has their own path. Never forget to compliment and congratulate people on their successes, they deserve them, and then focus on yourself. Focus on your successes, big and small, and focus on creating more for yourself.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of giving up because you don’t have as much as the person you’re comparing yourself too. But you don’t deserve that. You deserve success too, and you will get there. I promise.

Because with a grit of your teeth, hard work, perserverance, and kindness, you can get anywhere.

And success can be measured in so many ways. Whilst you might not think you’re as successful as others, in fact, you are. Success is not just measured in money, or followers, or quality of work. Success is also measured in kindness, in life’s little things like cooking a meal for your family, or giving money to charity. For some people, success is just being able to get up in the morning. We’re all successful, we’re all deserving, and the grass can be greener wherever we want it to be.

So today, think of something you want to be more ‘successful’ in, something you want to make better, and plant the seed to get yourself there. Stop looking over the bridge and focus on yourself. You’re deserving, you’re special, you’re you, and you’re just as amazing as the person you’re comparing yourself to.

The grass is greener where you water it. And remember that you deserve everything good.

Best wishes.

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