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100 Happy Days

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I’m sure a fair amount of you will have heard about the #100happydays project.

If you haven’t, basically it’s a project where you have to take a photo/talk about something that makes you happy every single day for 100 days. In my eyes it’s an amazing project. So many of us lead stressful, busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses, even though we need to in order to stay happy.

It’s never going to be easy to be positive 24/7. In fact, I think it’s impossible. And people who do seem positive all the time have probably just mastered putting on a brave face. It’s okay to be negative and mopey sometimes, it makes us human, but maybe it is possible to think of ONE positive thing a day?  Even if it’s something small, one positive thing can save us from going to bed feeling like the world is ending. And this project will help you find it each day.

I’ve tried this project before, but then dissertation started and…you catch my drift. But now I have more of an incentive. The lovely Marie has decided to start the project herself, and asked me to join in with her. And I’ve agreed, because I want to see the positive every day!

So from now on my Sleepy Sunday’s will have a little #100happydays catchup at the end. Either that or each Saturday morning a post will go up. If you can’t wait for the weekend, each day a happy photo will be going up on my instagram! 

Marie is also posting on instagram, as is the lovely Tess. Go check them out!

If you’d like to join in, please do! We want as many people joining in as we can – we all deserve to have 100 happy days and more!

100 happy days

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